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What should Eisner Do?

The LA Times has a piece on what Michael Eisner, the ex-head of Walt Disney, is doing in his retirement. Mostly kicking around ideas for other business ventures or studios, it seems.

Eisner has said publicly that he plans to stick to what he knows best:
"the nitty gritty of the creative process." Golf holds no interest.
Neither does lounging by the beach. Not surprisingly, in recent
weeks Eisner has asked his retired friends what they do all day,
confiding in one that after working out and reading the paper in the
morning, he’s at a loss for how to spend his time.

Well, I have an idea. He should take some of his estimated $500 million – $1 billion dollar net-worth and start spreading it around via his family charity. In order to really get to know the charities, he could volunteer at them, serve on their boards, work his hollywood connections to help them, and even use his creative genius to think outside the box and start to fix some of the problems with charities in the US. There are enough worthy charities related to Disney, travel, and entertainment to keep Michael busy the rest of his life.

Just some unasked for advice. But there you have it.

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1 thought on “What should Eisner Do?”

  1. LOL. I would have to agree. Anybody who cancels a show that would both please the fans AND make them a profit shouldnt be in business or the entertainment industry. Of course that is just an opinion. Im just glad KP is back. I just PRAY that they dont recancel it!

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