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Kim Possible Saved!

Well kids, looks like you did it. Kim Possible, a Disney Channel animated series, has been renewed for a fourth season. Websites like the Save Kim Possible site led the fan based campaign to have the show renewed. This is great news for a show that purports to teach kids they can do anything they put their mind to. Looks like that message has gotten across.

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7 thoughts on “Kim Possible Saved!”

  1. So 3 years of the same plot done over and over with slight scenary changes wasn’t enough? A series that’s about a hyper alpha female who routinely beats up on guys,with supporting male characters who are nothing but fat, nerdy, or stupid comedy relief? Reverse the sexes of the characters and it’d be laughed off TV as simplistically misogynistic. I can’t see many girls being interested in this show, so I’d guess the target audience must be pudgy Jr HS boys who are scared to death of girls and dream that they’ll be whisked off by some amazon who’ll see their “true” qualities. Hey guys, tell your mom that you need a father figure in the home ASAP, before you mature and end up living in San Francisco with a room mate named “Biff”.

  2. hey Doug135711

    why dont you take a quarter and call somebody who cares? Obviously you have a little envy of something getting accomplished in real life. Now get out of your moms basement and go smell the roses. Then we will talk. Okay tough guy. Its a cartoon. You are picking on a cartoon and the fans of a cartoon. I bet i could tell everybody what tv you watch but it would get censored. Act more mature and back off.

    KP rules and you…you just suck!

    Congrats to all the KP fans out there young and old. This is the FIRST time i can remember in my day that a company has listened to the fans about an extension on a series!

    KP thanks you. (even though she is just a character)

  3. THIS IS SO AWESOME! I worked so hard for KP to be saved! It’s a very cool show! I so agree w/ mark ! Doug135711 is SOOO wrong! Women can do ANYTHING men can do! KP is stronger than Ron, yeah, but Ron has a cool personality that to me is WAY better than KP’s…..But still she is COOL!!! LONG LIVE KP!!!!!!!!!! <3

  4. I love Kim Possible sssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooo, I’m her biggest fan in the hole wide world !!!!!!!!!!! shes my best friend and my imaginary sister, and I know every episode, I look just like her, I have lots of stuff from her, and I love being her!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE KIM POSSIBLE WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!!! I’M HER NUMBER 1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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