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Hurricane Wilma and Walt Disney World

As of tonight’s 11PM EST forecast from the National Hurricane Center, Orlando is still in the "cone of uncertainty" for Hurricane Wilma. That means visitors expecting to attend one of Walt Disney World’s theme parks or other attractions in the central and southern Florida regions should be prepared to meet with some delays or closures this Saturday and Sunday going into Monday.

Everybody is old hands at hurricane preparation at the theme parks having gone through this routine four times last year. Most hotels in the Orlando area survived with nothing more that a little wind and rain damage and most attractions opened within 24 hours or so of the storms passing. So there really is no reason to be concerned or postpone your stay. That said, keep your eyes on the weather channel and the NHC website and you might want to bring some extra rain gear as even if Wilma passes south of Orlando, we’ll still likely see tropical storm strength wind gusts and rains.

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