Push – Disneyland’s Talking Trash Can

PushdisneylandSo imagine, it’s a hot day, you finish sucking down that diet coke and head for the nearest trash can to deposit the empty cup. As you approach the trash can you hear a metallic voice utter, "uh-oh, here comes trouble." Then as you slide your empty cup through the trash can’s gate, you hear it say, "Hey thank you Mister. Do you have more, I’m still hungry." You’ve just encountered Push – Disneyland’s talking Track Can.

Brandon had an even weirder experience with Push. A Japanese video crew waw filming some scenes for a show with the trash can and Brandon caught the fun on film (warning: some of the magic is spoiled therein).

The talking trash can has been a common encounter at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and only recently has put in regular appearances at Disneyland.

See also: Secrets of the Talking Trash Can and photos of the talking trash can (and a talking palm tree).

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3 thoughts on “Push – Disneyland’s Talking Trash Can”

  1. hey push the talking trash can is awesome he sang happy birthday to me 2 months ago in disneyworld it is an awesome invention

  2. Today i went to disneyland and i saw the talking trash can .Then my mom gave me some gummi bears and i gave it one and it said ,”thanks for the gummi bear”.If you give it another food will it say something.

  3. HI!I went to Disneyland in Anaheim CA the day after my birthday(may 20)and we went to some Brother Bear thingy and we split up exploring(me and my sister and my brother and friend)and then they said something about Push,a talking trash can when we met up.I asked my brother,who worked there at the time, about this can and he said he didn’t know where it went.I found it a little farfetched but kept going with them.My dad and older brother were looking for him,but no luck.Later,we went into another part of California Adventure and there he was!We saw a small crowd that gradually got bigger around the trash can that interacted with them.It was amazing!Though it never responded to me,I still believed it was awesome!

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