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Push – Disneyland’s Talking Trash Can

PushdisneylandSo imagine, it’s a hot day, you finish sucking down that diet coke and head for the nearest trash can to deposit the empty cup. As you approach the trash can you hear a metallic voice utter, "uh-oh, here comes trouble." Then as you slide your empty cup through the trash can’s gate, you hear it say, "Hey thank you Mister. Do you have more, I’m still hungry." You’ve just encountered Push – Disneyland’s talking Track Can.

Brandon had an even weirder experience with Push. A Japanese video crew waw filming some scenes for a show with the trash can and Brandon caught the fun on film (warning: some of the magic is spoiled therein).

The talking trash can has been a common encounter at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and only recently has put in regular appearances at Disneyland.

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