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Bob Iger saves Network TV, pisses off Hollywood

Mark Cuban, Internet maverick and owner of the Dallas Mavericks (odd, never thought of it like that), has a great post which, although it is a little weak in some of its arguments, explains how Bob Iger, Disney’s brand spankin’ new CEO, might just have the vision to save the content driven entertainment giant.

this isn’t about watching video on VideoIpod screens.  Its about downloading video to ITunes software and its competitors, and all the places it does and will reside. All will be playback devices.I expect that either a 2nd tier of pricing will come along from Apple for full screen quality that is designed to play on a TV rather than an IPod or half screen on a Laptop or PC, as competitors compete by enabling higher quality and full screen playback. All of which  will further expand the market.

Of course, now that the pie is out of the oven, everybody wants a larger slice. Actors, Writers, Directors, Stunt Guys, Gaffers, even the Best Boy, want some residuals from the $1.99 price for Apple’s TV show podcasts. But I think they’re ignoring the point that this deal makes the market for the shows they help produce that much bigger. But until it’s a firm established market there isn’t much money to go around. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot after the 100 yard dash when there’s still a whole marathon ahead of you. (and that’s my metaphor quota for the day.)

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