Sea World Orlando Preps new Shamu Show

SeaWorld Orlando appears to be in the middle of a revitalization project. There’s the amazing new Dolphin show "Blue Horizons" drawing huge crowds every day and a new water park already under construction. Now, Florida’s salty friends have announced plans to update to their Killer Whale show featuring the famous Shamu.

The new show will be called ‘Believe’ (unless they hear from Disney’s lawyer’s first since they already have a show or two with that name) and will debut in May after a refitting of the current Shamu Stadium. May I also suggest they add a new Orca viewing area so guests can watch the orcas from up close when the show isn’t on-going. Right now there is only under water viewing. The San Diego park has a great viewing area that features both above and underwater views. I have no idea why Orlando can’t have something similar.

Also announced was the addition of three rides aimed at the younger guests. All the new additions and updates look like a strategy to continue to attract local residents to the park. A growing necessity with the current high price of gasoline affecting travel habits.

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3 thoughts on “Sea World Orlando Preps new Shamu Show”

  1. i think it will be great for the whales to have a bigger better show nad tehy need more underwater and above water observation windows so that the public can get a better view of the whales. i think it’s a great idea and i hope to come and see it some [email protected]!

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