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Wait and See Attitude

Changes are underway at the White House. The ABC television drama "Commander in Chief" will now be overseen by Steven Bochco, known for his gritty cop dramas. I’m taking a wait and see attitude, but I must say the show is growing in me after two episodes. Some of the characters are still a little one dimensional, but given time I’m hoping that will change.

President Allen, Geena Davis, declared that she doesn’t intend to campaign (she stopped short of saying she wouldn’t stand for a second term) and that she intends to govern. That leaves 2.5 years. It will be interesting to see if each year is its own season, like in The West Wing, or do they extend?

What do you think of the show… the comments are open.

1 thought on “Wait and See Attitude”

  1. I didn’t have high hopes for this new drama. However the first two weeks’ episodes have shown interesting possibilities. That’s interesting that S. Bochco will be stepping in. I always enjoy your comments!

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