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Ticklish Cinderella DVD Review

My Cinderella DVD arrived last night and I haven’t had time to crack open the package, instead my wife and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary with dinner at California Grill, but that’s another post.

However, this blogger has defeated the many levels of shrink wrap to actually view her copy.

I watched the extras disc first. And oh my goodness, were they extras!
Not to say that they were perfect, I could have done with less
repetition of/about the songs. It turns out that Cinderella was crucial
for Disney, if it wasn’t a huge success he might have had to stop
making movies all together, and he thought that marketing the music as
stand alone music was going to help tons.

The entire review is written like a true Disney fan. I love finding these little gems. As a bonus check out her earlier review of a Fraggle Rock DVD.