Lost Universe Expands

If you have watched this weeks episode of ABC’s LOST then you remember the Hanso Foundation from the Orientation Tape Locke and Jack watched. Well it turns out Hanso has a website in real life.

This is beginning to remind me of the wonderful internet promotion for the film A.I.

Update: there is a hidden link just below the ‘active project’ list on the Hanso website. Click where it says ‘dharma’ and you’ll see the orientation video from the episode.

3 thoughts on “Lost Universe Expands”

  1. I like how they have to put a Terms of Use section at the bottom left which links to Walt Disney Internet Group Terms of Use last Updated: 11/06/2003 complete with bevel and embossed buttons. Can’t Disney let us suspend reality without interjecting to say “Hey we made this fake site”?

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