Yee calls Shamu out (and Mission Space!)

Kevin Yee, of, has a new column where he rips into Seaworld Orlando’s new night show ‘Mistify’. Unfortunately his review is almost as tough to follow as the show. But at the very end he speaks about about Mission Space, the new space simulator attraction at EPCOT. Including this quote from a Nasa Engineer:

I have had an opportunity to ride the ultimate thrill ride, the KC-135 Weightless Training Aircraft, otherwise known as the Vomit Comet (and appropriately, I might add). The first day was miserable. The second, tolerable. But, by the third day, my body had become acclimated to the forces and I experienced no problems. The fourth and last day was the most fun I’ve ever had. Your body begins to recognize that these new sensations are benign and disregards them. Repeated riding of M:S will lead to decreased sensory misperceptions and increased euphoria.

This brings up an interesting point. Has anyone out there tried to get in multiple journeys on Mission Space at the end of the night when the lines are short. I could imagine tricking your body into thinking it was in a similar state as above and getting increased euphoria. Disney’s legal high. Any volunteers?