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Disney Foodie

If there is one thing the internet is efficient at it’s collecting information. Recipe websites have long been a staple of the net and Disney recipies are no exception. AllEarsNet hosts the most complete recipe collection I could find. I’ve referred to it often (try the JIKO Mac and Cheese!) The OrlandoSentinal has also posted a recipe for Pizza from Spoodles, one of my favorite places around the EPCOT resort boardwalk. I’m sure this will be added to AllEarsNet shortly.

Other hot disney recipe sites:
Family Fun (a Disney owned magazine)
Disney World Unofficial Guide (includes recipe for Virgin Mint Julep a la New Orleans Square at Disneyland)
MagicTrips (includes recipe for Frunch breakfast beverage from Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge)

If you’re looking for restaurant reviews for the Disneyland Resort area you need only to visit There Cindy will walk you through the culinary delights that await you and help you avoid some of the pitfalls of Themepark food.