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  • Tron-o-Rail Debuts at EPCOT
    Tron-o-Rail Debuts at EPCOT

    Orlando Attractions Magazine has scored some of the first video of the newly wrapped Monorail advertising for Disney’s upcoming film TRON Legacy. I don’t know about you, but I’m loving it: Now, some people have been complaining about this being a blatant ad that takes people out of the park…

  • Tron Legacy Set Preview Pics
    Tron Legacy Set Preview Pics

    Slashfilm was lucky enough to be invited to tour the set of Tron Legacy a few months ago. The film’s release is still a ways off in December, but Disney has said it’s okay to start leaking a few things out here and there. This week they have four amazing…

  • More Tron and Black Hole
    More Tron and Black Hole

    Seems Disney’s Tron sequel is getting so many good marks that already the studio is looking at making it a trilogy, or rather a tetraology when you add in the original. The same team working on Tron has also been given the go ahead to start work on reviving the…

  • Tron Legacy is Wilde
    Tron Legacy is Wilde

    Tron Legacy (aka Tron 2.0) is still more than a year away from it’s theatrical release. Primary shooting just wrapped and now the intensive post-production process begins. Olvia Wilde (whom you may know from her role on “House”) sat down with for an interview where they talked about Tron…

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