More Tron and Black Hole

Seems Disney’s Tron sequel is getting so many good marks that already the studio is looking at making it a trilogy, or rather a tetraology when you add in the original. The same team working on Tron has also been given the go ahead to start work on reviving the 1977 film “The Black Hole” with a remake.

3 thoughts on “More Tron and Black Hole”

  1. Well that’s interesting. Isn’t “The Black Hole” essentially “20,000 Leagues” in space? And yet 20K is stalled.

    I hope they all get made, and made well. And then I hope we get some really great theme park attractions based on them.

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  3. Ken, The Black Hole is absolutely not just 20,000 Leagues set in space. Some of their characters share parallels but the stories are really quite different. Anyway, this news is fantastic to hear, especially considering the director. I have much faith in Kosinski; can’t wait to see these films in the coming years.

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