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Original Star Wars Teaser Trailer from 1976

Now that Disney owns Lucasfilm and the Star Wars brand and is working on a 7th movie in the series, it’s instructive to go back to the very beginning. Here’s the first ever teaser trailer released for Star Wars back … Continue reading

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Speculation Begins on Potential Box Office for Star Wars Episode 7

JJ Abrams’ ink on the directors contract is not even dry and already there is speculation about just how big the box office for Star Wars Episode 7 will be. It’s probably fair to assume that Disney will put its … Continue reading

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How Disney Bought Lucasfilm and The Mouse’s Plans for Star Wars

A fantastic telling of the courtship between Disney and Lucasfilm over on Bloomberg: … At first Lucas wouldn’t even turn over his rough sketches of the next three Star Wars films. When Disney executives asked to see them, he assured … Continue reading

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J.J. Abrams to Direct Star Wars: Episode VII Officially

It’s official, J.J. Abrams will direct Star Wars: Episode VII. Abrams initially denied it claiming that one deep space sci-fi franchise was enough, but now it looks like he’ll move from Star Trek to Star Wars and helm the first … Continue reading

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George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy Discuss Future of Lucasfilm, The Complete Videos

All five sections of Kathleen Kennedy’s discussion with George Lucas over the future of Lucasfilm and the “Star Wars” franchise now that it’s been acquired by the Walt Disney Company are now available for viewing. I’ve embedded the playlist with … Continue reading

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