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Original Star Wars Teaser Trailer from 1976


Now that Disney owns Lucasfilm and the Star Wars brand and is working on a 7th movie in the series, it’s instructive to go back to the very beginning. Here’s the first ever teaser trailer released for Star Wars back in 1976. It’s missing a few special effects and that glorious John Williams soundtrack. But the bones of the film were there for everyone to see.

I love “the story of a boy, a girl, and a universe” line.

The art of movie promotion sure has changed a lot since then. (Although they were already doing a lot of short cuts back then.) I remember watching this trailer (or a similar one) and thinking that the movie was too kissy-face for me, but a few weeks later, I did go and see it and loved it enough to watch it 8 more times after that during its first run. I think I convinced every relative and best friend’s parent I knew to take me at least once.

Would you like to see the new film return to this older aesthetic? or at least tell a story that makes sense?