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  • Frozen MMD – Thriller
    Frozen MMD – Thriller

    MikuMikuDance has been around since 2008, but never has the freeware software animated something as cool as this. Ladies and Gentlemen, the cast of Disney’s Frozen dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. You’ll never be able to unsee that.

  • Amazing Fan Tinker Bell Dream Photography
    Amazing Fan Tinker Bell Dream Photography

    It’s been a while since we checked in with Duy Truong. Turns out he’s still making some amazing fan photography based on the original Dream Portrait series from Annie Leibovitz. Much of his art comes close to capturing the magic of the original series and this one is no exception….

  • Dr. Who Disney Princess Cosplay Mashup is Spot On
    Disney Princess Dr Who Mashup

    Artist Amy Mebberson who previously brought us amazing Dr. Who Muppets mashup and pens a weekly comic of Disney Princesss Fan Art is bringing her latest mashup to Comic-Con in NYC this week. It’s a clever take on Disney Princesses with each of them dressed up like their favorite Doctor…

  • Disney Princesses Portrayed at the Age of Their Movies
    Disney Princesses Portrayed at the Age of Their Movies

    A lovely exercise by deviantart artist Taja Vigilia places the age of each of the Disney Princesses at the age of their movies. They’re all enjoying a little tea party but are the same age as their respective movies (Snow White is 75 years old, Aurora 53, Belle 21, Rapunzel…

  • Disney Villains Portraits
    Disney Villains Portraits

    Thanks to artist Michael Regina for sending in a link to his four portraits of Disney Villains. I like this one of Gaston, but he’s also painted Scar, Ursula, and Jafar. I like how the paintings have an element of realism to them, but are still obviously the Villains we…

  • Doctor Who and Duck Tales Mashup
    Doctor Who and Duck Tales Mashup

    I’m always happy when two of my loves come together and it is a lovely idea indeed to combine the two universes of Doctor Who and Duck Tales into one glorious poster titled “DocTales.” Starring: River Swan (who’s…actually a duck. WHATEVS), the Duckponds, and the Ducktor Thank you to C….

  • All 13 Pixar Features on One Poster
    All 13 Pixar Features on One Poster

    Here’s a really great poster-mod from a fan of Pixar. The original featured 11 feature films from The Lamp, and this fan has included the as yet unreleased Cars 2 and Brave. I’d pay to have that as a poster in my office. Someone at Disney Consumer Products make this…

  • Historically Accurate Disney Princesses
    Historically Accurate Disney Princesses

    Disney animators often take full advantage of that thing called ‘artistic license’ when they’re creating the animated characters we know and love. This appears to have really bugged one artist who took to Deviant Art to show how four Disney Princesses would look if their costumes and hairstyles were historically…

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