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Disney Princesses Portrayed at the Age of Their Movies

A lovely exercise by deviantart artist Taja Vigilia places the age of each of the Disney Princesses at the age of their movies. They’re all enjoying a little tea party but are the same age as their respective movies (Snow White is 75 years old, Aurora 53, Belle 21, Rapunzel 2, etc). Note the tea set features Mrs. Potts and Chip (well played).

Beautiful, playful, and also fun to reflect on how well Disney’s classics are aging against the more modern princesses. Can you name the official princesses missing from this portrait? (And no, Kida doesn’t count.)

15 thoughts on “Disney Princesses Portrayed at the Age of Their Movies”

  1. Very well done. Making them the age of their respective movie was a nice touch.

    Also, to answer your question, Ariel, Jasmine, and Mulan are missing from the portrait ;)

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