• Disney Urges Kids to Make Green Choices
    Disney Urges Kids to Make Green Choices

    Beginning tomorrow the Walt Disney Company will launch “Disney’s Friends fro Change: Planet Green” a new multiplatform environmental initiative across the Disney Channel, Disney XD, Radio Disney and Disney.com featuring a star-studded lineup of Disney’s young talent pledging environmental stewardship and encouraging other kids to do the same. Along the…

  • Welcome to T-Rex at Downtown Disney
    Welcome to T-Rex at Downtown Disney

    Tuesday night we made it over to Downtown Disney’s Marketplace to experience “T-Rex” the latest addition to the food and entertainment options. Lines were long, but moved fast as guests were entered into a virtual queue to wait for their tables. Inside the place was loud, but everything seemed surprisingly well run for the first night open to the public.

  • How Important Is WALL-E?
    How Important Is WALL-E?

    One NY Times columnist, in his opinion piece “WALL-E For President“, believes the film should be required viewing for all, especially for Presidential Candidates: Mr. McCain should be required to see “Wall-E” to learn just how far adrift he is from an America whose economic fears cannot be remedied by…

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