• Castle 5-17: Scared to Death
    Castle 5-17: Scared to Death

    Among the traditional annual episodes Castle does, one of them is a horror spoof. And every year, Castle thinks whatever they are investigating is real while Beckett looks for the logical explanation. You’d think Castle would get tired of being wrong, and I’d get tired of the same jokes. And…

  • Castle 5-16: Hunt
    Castle 5-16: Hunt

    Last week, I said that the February two parters often become more about some big adventure than they do a traditional mystery. While I was right – the mystery took a back seat – I felt like the story held together pretty well overall. There were no glaring plot holes,…

  • Castle 5-15: Target
    Castle 5-15: Target

    Every year, Castle has a two parter during February sweeps. (This should not been a shock since I have mentioned it every week for a couple months now. And the first season doesn’t count because they didn’t start until March.) These episodes are always big, involve a major guest star,…

  • Castle 5-14: Reality Star Struck
    Castle 5-14: Reality Star Struck

    One thing I love about Castle is the ability the writers and the cast have to go from drama to comedy and back again without missing a beat. Last week? Very serious drama. Next week? Looks like the first half of the annual two parter is going to be high…

  • Castle 5-13: Recoil
    Castle 5-13: Recoil

    You can count on two things during February sweeps. We’ll get another development in Beckett’s mother’s murder case and there will be a two parter. Last night, we got the first. It was certainly more serious than some, and I really enjoyed it.

  • Castle 5-12: Death Gone Crazy
    Castle 5-12: Death Gone Crazy

    You know, when I saw the premise for this episode, I was actually surprised. This is something that is just screaming for a Castle mystery, so I’m a little surprised it hasn’t been done already. But yeah, better late than never, right?

  • Castle 5-11: Under the Influence
    Castle 5-11: Under the Influence

    While it’s hard to argue with the fact that Castle is the star of the show (his name is the title after all) with Beckett right behind him, every so often, they do give the rest of the cast chances to shine. Last night’s episode was definitely a showcase for…

  • Castle 5-10: Significant Others
    Castle 5-10: Significant Others

    A divorce lawyer gets murdered the same week that Castle’s ex comes to town. Actually, I expected a bit more of a cross over between the two theme wise, but the show was still quite fun with a good mystery to boot. And I have to give my roommate credit…

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