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  • D23 Expo – Watch Day One Highlights
    D23 Expo – Watch Day One Highlights

    Highlights from day one of the D23 Expo the official Disney Fan Club’s big convention. Included in the video is a welcome from Disney Chair and CEO Bob Iger, Pixar animation’s John Lasseter, the voice cast of Disney’s Frozen, Phineas & Ferb’s Wafflenator, and much more. So far, a lot…

  • How the Walt Disney Company Solved The “Boy Problem”
    How the Walt Disney Company Solved The “Boy Problem”

    The most crucial difference between Michael Eisner and his successor at Disney, Bob Iger turns out to be a belief in building around franchises. The buzzword from Eisner was always synergy, code word for cooperation between divisions. Iger came from a background in network TV where a “television franchise” could…

  • Layoffs Expected at Disney
    Layoffs Expected at Disney

    At the Mouse House world headquarters in Burbank, rumors have been ciruclating of coming layoffs and now the shoe appears to have dropped. Chief Executive mouse Bob Iger ordered an audit of the company and found it a bit puffy around the top & middle. The study looked for positions…

  • Disney Unveils First Image of Shanghai Disneyland Model
    IMAGE_SHDR_Model_March 06 2013

    Get your passport renewed and start saving your pennies, earlier today at the Annual Meeting of Shareholders of The Walt Disney Company, chairman and chief executive officer Bob Iger unveiled the first image of a model of Shanghai Disney Resort, featuring the resort’s theme park, Shanghai Disneyland. “With Shanghai Disneyland,…

  • Disney CEO Bob Iger talks Marvel Theme Park
    Disney CEO Bob Iger talks Marvel Theme Park

    In an interview from earlier this year, Disney CEO Bob Iger talks with with Bloomberg’s Carol Massar about the recent acquisitions, Marvel’s movie properties and the possibility of a Marvel theme parks. Of course, he says its still early, but it sounds like wheels are possibly turning in terms of…

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