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I was a Disneyland Cast Member for 15 years. Currently a freelance writer.

Former Disney Property Continues to Struggle

The Queen Mary attraction in Long Beach, California, continues to struggle according to this story in the Long Beach Press-Telegram. In the late 1980s, The Walt Disney Company purchased the company that owned the attraction, which at the time, included … Continue reading

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Sumner Redstone Profile

If you frequent this blog, you’ve probably read up on Walter Elias Disney, Michael Eisner, and Bob Iger and know some interesting stories about those men and their personalities. has a long and interesting piece by Lloyd Grove on … Continue reading

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How Much Did That Film Really Cost?

An blog entry discusses why you can almost never trust most reports of film budgets. Investors, at least, should be getting accurate info.  But “studio math” is notorious, as some people involved may get paid more based on how … Continue reading

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What Happened in Vegas

People are streaming into Las Vegas to welcome in the New Year.  Steve Wynn, who is often compared to Walt Disney, has just opened up Encore, his follow-up to his eponymous crescent-shaped tower.  With the way the economy is going, … Continue reading

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Cuts Coming?

There’s not a whole lot to this story in the Los Angeles Times that The Walt Disney Company is facing cuts.  But it is enough to scare those working for the mouse.  Staff writers Dawn C. Chmielewski and Meg James … Continue reading

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