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Ken Pellman

I was a Disneyland Cast Member for 15 years. Currently a freelance writer.

Australia – Lamb and Carmelized Onions

Australia – Lamb and Carmelized Onions, originally uploaded by indigoskye. Australian Lamb & Carmelized Onions. This can only mean one thing, the 2006 Epcot Food & Wine festival is underway again. I took a tour of the offerings on the evening of the 28th when the show was available for preview, so this may not… Read More »Australia – Lamb and Carmelized Onions

Inagural Weekend Half-Marathon at Disneyland Resort.

Yesterday marked the official beginning of the 1st annual Half-Marathon weekend at Disneyland Resort. There was also a 5k fun run this morning and various races for smaller children, including crawlers. The 5k course can be seen here (requires Adobe reader). The half-marathon course can be seen here (more PDF). My family and I were… Read More »Inagural Weekend Half-Marathon at Disneyland Resort.

Always the Bridesmaid, Never the…er, 5 Times the Bride or Keeping Up With the Davey Joneses

Change, as they say, is constant, or in this case Constance. In order to keep Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion fresh and technologically up to date, it, like its famous neighbor around the corner, has had a bit of a facelift. No, they haven’t gone “Pirartes” and inserted animatronic Eddie Murphys throughout the ride. Instead they have… Read More »Always the Bridesmaid, Never the…er, 5 Times the Bride or Keeping Up With the Davey Joneses

Disney & The Grocer

I am long accustomed to seeing the Disney brand name everywhere I look, even the supermarket.  Lately it has been turning up in some interesting places.  Sure, cereal is either named for a Disney movie or contains the promotional merchandise of one, but that’s old hat. I have purchased lots of stuff that I may… Read More »Disney & The Grocer

POTC (the ride): Rough Waters Ahead?

It would seem that the good folks at USA Today are as excited about the new Pirates of the Caribbean film as we are.  That would explain the daily onslaught of articles in their Life section addressing the event, its inspiration and the people involved. It was in such an article, printed on Monday the… Read More »POTC (the ride): Rough Waters Ahead?

Battle of the Disney Network Stars

Still riding high on High School Musical, the Disney Channel is branching out its stock of teenage stars and placing them in good-natured competition against each other in a weekly sports reality show.  The Disney Channel Games hark back to the classic Battle of the Network Stars show in which stars compete as teams in… Read More »Battle of the Disney Network Stars