Always the Bridesmaid, Never the…er, 5 Times the Bride or Keeping Up With the Davey Joneses

Change, as they say, is constant, or in this case Constance. In order to keep Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion fresh and technologically up to date, it, like its famous neighbor around the corner, has had a bit of a facelift. No, they haven’t gone “Pirartes” and inserted animatronic Eddie Murphys throughout the ride. Instead they have chosen to expand on existing themes.

Most of the new additions surround the lonely bride… and her 5 deceased husbands. Disney Imagineers have created new effects that compliment and further enhance the storyline in the HM’s legendary attic concerning the bride Constance.

According to a recent newsletter sent out by Disney’s Vacation Club, “new photographs, furnishings, wedding gifts and other props draw attention to Constance’s five husbands, each wealthier than his predecessor. Meanwhile, an innovative new lighting effect creates the illusion of moonlight drifting through the rafters, shedding light on the fates of the departed husbands. As the “Wedding March” plays and the bride repeats her vows, the husbands’ portraits appear to transform. Look closely at the bride, and you may discover the mystery behind the men’s untimely deaths”.

What’s this? More changes, in a more temporary capacity, will arrive on Sept. 29 with the popular return of “Haunted Mansion Holiday,” in which Jack Skellington shows us his version of Christmas. This annual attraction is not to be missed.

2 thoughts on “Always the Bridesmaid, Never the…er, 5 Times the Bride or Keeping Up With the Davey Joneses

  1. brendoman

    Uh, this is old news. The new attic scene has been in since the beginning of summer. More recently, there was a new spirit effect put in the seance room.

  2. Brandon

    I saw the new stuff when I was in Anaheim a few weeks ago. Madam Leona’s crystal ball now floats over the table and there’s a neat effect involving the bride and her weapon of choice. All definite improvements, much better than the irritating screen/fog effect that was added to the cemetery a few years ago.

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