Stan Winston Has Passed Away

Sad news today – Stan Winston, known as a special effects wizard but was a man who had much more influence than a mere effects-man-for-hire, has passed away.

It is impossible to talk about special effects in the movies without addressing the work of Stan Winston, who worked on the “Terminator” films (including the theme park attraction), “Artificial Intelligence”, “Edward Scissorhands”, the “Jurassic Park” films “Iron Man”, “Aliens”, and even the infamous “Star Wars Holiday Special”.

He had been ill for quite some time, but still involved in some major upcoming projects.

2 thoughts on “Stan Winston Has Passed Away”

  1. I disagree, he wasn’t the last of a dying breed at all. He was at the forefront, always pushing the envelope and teaching others as he did. While Stan has sadly passed, his legacy will live on through film – and more importantly – through the new generation of artists that will continue his work and also continue to push the envelope of special effects. That’s his real legacy – that he isn’t the last of a dying breed – that he has inspired so many to follow. Technologies will change and progress for sure, but that is a tool, that isn’t the true art.

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