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Music Labels and Television Partner Up

Randy Lewis, in the Los Angeles Times, checks up on how the new CBS Records is doing.  With Sony’s music arm in control of old corporate sibling Columbia Records and with the Viacom/CBS split settling ever deeper in, the young CBS Records was launched to provide and capitalize on music for the television network.

That relationship cuts two ways. Most of the time, the CBS acts get a five- or 10-second promo at the end of any show their music appears in, directing viewers to the artists’ websites or retailers such as iTunes or Amazon.

Other networks have made similar moves. For the last several years, NBC Universal and Target stores have collaborated on a series of holiday music releases. ABC and Disney tag team with Hollywood Records releases from musicians featured on the ABC-owned Disney Channel.

Hollywood Records, of course, is part of The Walt Disney Company.

There are, of course, some concerns and reservations as well.  If you’re interested in music in general or music on television, it is worth the quick read.