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Disney’s Aladdin as told by Emoji

The internet is a wonderful thing, but he to express it? How about with Emojis? Those little icons of ultimate cuteness all started with sideways smiley. Disney has just made an emoji-fied version of its action-packed adventure and Academy Award–winning animated musical — Aladdin. Aladdin,… Read More »Disney’s Aladdin as told by Emoji

Viral Video with Belle and Beast

Belle and Beast go House Hunting in Viral Video

Disney has produced a very clever viral video purporting to be an episode of the popular HGTV’s House Hunters International TV show, but featuring Belle and Beast who have to decide which of the new Castle’s popping up in the Magic Kingdom to move into.… Read More »Belle and Beast go House Hunting in Viral Video

wreck it ralph concept art

1997 Litwak’s Arcade Commercial – Another Viral Bit of Fun from Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph

Disney appears to have dug through its vault and found another ‘retro gem’ from Wreck-It Ralph, Disney has released another. This 1997 ‘commercial’ features Sugar Rush Speedway at Litwak’s Arcade.

Disney also shared a short clip from the “Hero’s Duty” segment of the film, which I’ve added below the jump:

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monsters university viral site

Monsters University Opens Website

Those wacky folk at Pixar and Disney are doing a great job with building a buzz for the sequel to Monsters, Inc. A new authentic-looking Monsters University college website was just launched.  It’s rendered in rich detail just like the universes created by Pixar, complete… Read More »Monsters University Opens Website

Squirrel Impedes Monorail at Walt Disney World

When I lived out in California, there were frequent problems with ducks or seagulls camping out on the monorail beam. Usually a horn honk or two would scare them off, but sometimes it could take quite a few attempts to clear the beam. Thanks to the magic of ubiquitous smart phones, we now get to see the equivalent problem unfold at Walt Disney World.

According to reports, the resort loop at the Magic Kingdom Monorail was delayed by 45 minutes as the pilot of Monorail Gold attempted to clear the beam of a poor little squirrel who, for some reason, wouldn’t run down a support beam and instead, kept running straight down the line all the way from the Grand Floridian to the Magic Kingdom Monorail Station where it finally jumped off the track into the station.

Kudos to the pilot for being sensitive to other forms of life! Apparently the Monorail Gold pilot is not the only friend to squirrels at the Walt Disney World Monorail. Check out this video below the jump: The Squirrel Whisperer!

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