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Hurricane Video

Two videos. One lengthy look (33MB) at a couple of Disney fans who risk life and limb to bring you shots of what it’s like to stay at the All-Star Resort during a hurricane. This film takes place before, during, and after Hurricane Charley. Of note are the tie-down procedures for the parks, the stupid… Read More »Hurricane Video

101 ways not to start a vacation

So you’re on the way to your first trip on the Disney Cruise line. You get picked up at the Disney World resort by a stylized bus that puts you in the mood right away for all the rest and relaxation you can handle on your trip across the carribbean. All’s going well as you… Read More »101 ways not to start a vacation

Robb Alvey Videos

Robb Alvey and his lovely wife Elissa are two of the nicest people I’ve met in my journey through the world of theme park fandom. Their site Theme Park Review has over Over 4,000 photos of more than 100 Amusement Parks, 100’s of reviews of theme parks and thrill rides from around the world, and… Read More »Robb Alvey Videos

Would you buy a used car from this man?

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Disney has been considering getting into the cell phone business. The Disney brand and the ESPN brand look to be the likely choices. ESPN-brand cell phones and service plans could be tailored to individual sports teams, allowing users to view sports scores, news and video clips, said Robert Entner, an… Read More »Would you buy a used car from this man?

Disney Roundup: III

Checking out the top Disney Fan Websites, here are a few of the stories and updates that have been written in the last week: Doobie, from, checks in with his periodic LP Report concerning news and rumors from Disneyland and Disney World., has posted a half dozen excellent updates on the latest construction… Read More »Disney Roundup: III

Disney Video Archive posts an amazing collection of video and audio clips from Disney attractions around the world. Also included are some famous clips from the history of The Walt Disney Company. (Thanks Cory at