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101 ways not to start a vacation

So you’re on the way to your first trip on the Disney Cruise line. You get picked up at the Disney World resort by a stylized bus that puts you in the mood right away for all the rest and relaxation you can handle on your trip across the carribbean. All’s going well as you watch the ‘get acquainted’ video on the overhead screens. Then you start to smell a little smoke. Not a good sign. Luckily the bus driver smells it too and pulls over to evacuate the bus and check out the source. Then before you know it the whole bus is up in flames and TV helicopters are hovering overhead recording the whole event. Not the best way to start your vacation, huh.

Well there is one bit of good news… remember that inconveinent rule about your luggage having to be sent ahead of you for inspection before being loaded directly to your room. Well it means the only thing you lost in the fire might have been that pair of sunglasses or Time magazine you had tucked into the seat pocket. Whew.