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T-Shirt Trouble, Sort of

Followers of this blog know that I keep an eye out for any new t-shirts Disney sells at the parks. They’ve actually been pretty good about releasing humorous or trendy graphics on a regular basis. Summer has always been a slow time for new releases, but like a charm, on my first post summer visited I spotted these three new t-shirts.

The first appears to be an import from Disneyland with an unfortunate message. The whole thing of ‘it’s a small world’ is the possibility of world peace, and yet, Disney’s t-shirt team wants you to conquer the ride. That’s a bit to war-monger-y for me. A better word would be ‘survived.’


This next shirt would look a lot better if the earful tower was there instead of that awful hat.Read More »T-Shirt Trouble, Sort of

Magic Kingdom Merchandise Update

I was able to sneak out to the Magic Kingdom for a few hours on Friday and will have some construction updates from around the park later this week. But first, I wanted to share a merchandise finds that caught my eye.