T-Shirt Trouble, Sort of

Followers of this blog know that I keep an eye out for any new t-shirts Disney sells at the parks. They’ve actually been pretty good about releasing humorous or trendy graphics on a regular basis. Summer has always been a slow time for new releases, but like a charm, on my first post summer visited I spotted these three new t-shirts.

The first appears to be an import from Disneyland with an unfortunate message. The whole thing of ‘it’s a small world’ is the possibility of world peace, and yet, Disney’s t-shirt team wants you to conquer the ride. That’s a bit to war-monger-y for me. A better word would be ‘survived.’


This next shirt would look a lot better if the earful tower was there instead of that awful hat.

Also, isn’t the grunge look a bit passe these days?


Finally, I really like the unique idea of this shirt. The Mickey on the shirt looks and feels like it’s made out of masking tape. I’m not sure why Mickey is so angry though.


What do you think? Which one was your favorite?

15 thoughts on “T-Shirt Trouble, Sort of”

  1. Love the masking tape one. The iasw shirt actually makes me kind of sad. The graphic on its own would have been lovely. The “I conquered” is completely out of step with the aim of the attraction.

  2. I think you have to realize the fact that as of right now the “icon” is still the hat for HS. I get it people don’t like it fine, but the non-obsessive fan relates that park to the hat and therefore that’s what they used to represent the park in the shirt. As for the “Angry” Mickey, it’s kind of a thing right now with them. I have a lot of merchandise (cups, water bottles, etc) that are using that sort of facial expression. Nothing wrong with it. I like it.

    1. Totally agree with the park icon comment.
      It’s the “in thing” among many WDW fans to rip on the hat these days.
      But the “earful” tower was a completely forgettable & pathetic icon for a major theme park.
      Nostalgia shouldn’t cloud people’s minds to that simple fact.
      Get rid of the “hat” if you must, but a boring water tower is not the answer.

    1. @ Mike Conrad, that actually gave me a good laugh so thank you. I think there’s a lot of pretty iffy merchandise at the parks but i’m assuming someone buys them. These shirts are in pretty bad taste but to each his own.

  3. I can see people buying the small world shirt, but the other two seem silly to me. I don’t like the look of angry Mickey and the faded shirt looks like an old disney shirt you’ll find at the thrift shop.

  4. Last month at the parks I saw couple MyMagic+ shirts, for example”I’m with the Band! ” I would buy an Epcot one if it said “Band in 11 Countries! “

  5. I understand and agree with your feelings about the ‘small world’ shirt, but still, it made me chuckle

  6. I think they learned their lesson with the “I survived phrase” after someone died on Mission Space and they had to pull all the “I survived Mission Space” shirts off the rack.

  7. OMG I so need the It’s a Small World t-shirt for my son. He has Autism and the first time we went on that ride was overload and he was so upset. With some quick thinking we put his earplugs in and he made it through the ride. He has gone on the that ride since this incident, and now can do it without any earplugs. So he’s conquered that ride.

  8. You’ve got to be kidding about small world. Survived is better than conquered? The first implies the ride could kill you, but didn’t. The second may include that implication–but to a lesser extent–and clearly focuses on the personal challenge many face in riding (and enjoying) the ride. Conquered is much better than survived would be.

  9. The “I Conquered” t-shirt is clearly a play on the “I Conquered Everest” t-shirts and pins I’ve seen and is quite clever. I’m not a fan of the graphics as much, but the message is a great play on that attraction. The icons t-shirt seems to be going the way of many others I’ve seen in the parks that try to look like vintage shirts from the early days of WDW. The EPCOT ones in that vein are the best I’ve seen. I gotta hand it to the Mickey t-shirt for its creativity. He’s probably angry that someone mad him out of masking tape.

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