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trip report

Insight on a Wonderful Cruise

Having never been on a cruise ship before, I was awestruck by the insane engineering genius required to turn a 2,000-room hotel on its side and float it around the world. It’s only a matter of time before they strap rockets on one of these, fill it with battered calamari, key lime pie, alcohol, and… Read More »Insight on a Wonderful Cruise

Night of Joy 2004

Although I don’t speak the language the photos in this trip report tell the story. In this case of a Miami Florida Spanish Language radio station staff member attending the 2004 Night of Joy at Walt Disney World.

West coaster at WDW

Today we hit Magic Kingdom there are moments when it can feel like Anahiem and others where my brain gets a little confused. Space Mountain isn’t in the right place in tomorrowland and there’s entirely too much open space. In fact the Walt Disney World Resort is huge, it is impossible to imagine just how… Read More »West coaster at WDW

Wistful Vacation Remembrances…

Another random trip report, of sorts. Robin, who is a wedding photographer by trade, posts her remembrances of her first trip to WDW in preparation for her upcoming trip to Disneyland. (Plus another visit to the Tiki Room)

Orlando Vacation Blog

I don’t speak Chinese, so it’s fortunate that pictures can also tell the story. In what seems to be a growing use of Free Weblogs (see, a couple from China has posted a trip report of their visit to WDW and Orlando on blogspot.

DL Trip Report from the Blogosphere

I’m actually at Disneyland right now. (Look for the guy in the cheesy Hawaiian shirt pushing a stroller with the cutest baby in the world in it.) But through the wonders of the ‘publish on’ button I’ve made this post appear. It’s a short trip… Read More »DL Trip Report from the Blogosphere