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Real life Treasure Hunt interupts promotion for Disney’s Pirates Of the Caribbean film.

Odyssey Exploration divers working with the Disney/Volvo treasure hunt promotion found a real sunken shipwreck laden with treasure while scouting locations to hid the treasure chest that was part of the Volvo contest. They temporarily named the new location the ‘Black Swan’  Due to scavenge laws, confidentiality agreements with Volvo, and other twists the location… Read More »Real life Treasure Hunt interupts promotion for Disney’s Pirates Of the Caribbean film.

Diane Disney Miller Interview

In a recent interview Diane Disney Miller recounts some of the familiar stories of her childhood as a Disney daughter. What’s new and interesting is the information on the Disney Family Museum that is scheduled to open in a refurbished barracks at the Presidio in San Francisco… Miller said the museum will be in a… Read More »Diane Disney Miller Interview

This day in Disney History

This Day in Disney History. A great resource for all sorts of interesting Disney facts. Here are a few examples for today. There’s more on the website.1924:Disney’s Alice Comedy Alice’s Spooky Adventure, starring Virginia Davis, is released.1976:Treasure Island reopens at Walt Disney World as Discovery Island, after being closed since the beginning of the year… Read More »This day in Disney History

Grey Lady on the Incredibles

I bet you thought the stories on Pixar’s hit The Incredibles were over, didn’t you. Well, they’re not. The New York Times has chimed in with a story on the message behind The Incredibles and the pressures to conform that are put on today’s children. Other parents are complaining about a decline in programs for… Read More »Grey Lady on the Incredibles

National Treasure, starring Elvis

Just got back from watching Nick Cage channel Elvis in his latest flick, National Treasure. It’s getting bad reviews from critics, but I think they’re missing the point of this film. It’s fun, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and except for the too unplausible to believe beginning, it’s easy to lose yourself in. The… Read More »National Treasure, starring Elvis

Whither Disney Animation?

With Pixar and Disney on the outs, Dreamworks with a few succesful films under it’s belt (not to mention Shrek2 the most successful animated film ever), and talent drain turning into a possible drought, what will happen to Disney’s feature animation division? They risk the chance of being the 4th or 5th ranked animated film… Read More »Whither Disney Animation?

Disney World Union Protests in NYC???

Union officials leafleted the opening of Disney’s NYC ‘World of Disney’ store yesterday. “We knew we had to do something to get the company’s attention,” said Juleeann Jerkovich, secretary-treasurer of the United Food & Commercial Workers International Union Local 1625, which is one of six unions that make up the Service Trades Council Union. “It’s… Read More »Disney World Union Protests in NYC???

Arrghhh Mateys.

It be talk like a pirate day, it be. So in honor of this occasion I bring to you this treasure: points us to a wonderful tribute to Disneyland’s Pirate fortune teller Fortune Red. Fortune Red can still be found at Disneyland, but both parks use to have larger groups of classic arcade machines.… Read More »Arrghhh Mateys.