Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom, The Official Trailer

Apparently Disney is now in the business of making “official trailers” for their in park attractions. If they’re all like this, I hope they keep it up. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World’s Official Trailer:

New Clip Easter Egg on UP website

A new clip previewing a few “dramatic” moments from the next film from Pixar has been released on the official website for ‘Up’. The scene features Carl (Ed Asner) discovering Russell (Jordon Nagai) on the porch. To see the clip click on the house dangling… Read More »New Clip Easter Egg on UP website

Pixar releases second trailer for “Up”

Disney/Pixar has released the second  trailer for the May 29 2009 movie “Up”. It’s available at’s trailer site and here. It’s so hard to tell much about how good the movie will be from trailers like this. But you can tell that the rich… Read More »Pixar releases second trailer for “Up”

LOST Season 5 official promotional trailer

I can’t wait for January to get here and the new season of LOST to begin. They’ve finally started to roll out some promotional material to bump up the excitement level. Here’s the first official trailer for LOST season 5. Are you ready?