Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom, The Official Trailer

Apparently Disney is now in the business of making “official trailers” for their in park attractions. If they’re all like this, I hope they keep it up.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World’s Official Trailer:

5 thoughts on “Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom, The Official Trailer”

  1. I remember awhile back they had a number of excellent trailers packaged with one of the vacation planning DVD’s. The trailers for Pirates and Splash Mountain, in particular, were done tongue in cheek and were especially hilarious.

    I better scan YouTube for them…

  2. Very cool to see … but strange that Disney spends money on things like trailers for attractions and expensive Annie Liebovitz photo shoots – while letting go theme park employees.

  3. I haven’t checked out the lastest Disney vacation DVD that I got from Disney yet, but I wonder if that isn’t just a snippit that’s on there and not something they specifically spent time and money on just to make this ‘trailer’. This also looks like the kind of footage that could show up on the resort DVDs that you can purchase at the park for about $20.

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