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Mickey and Minnie in their Christmas finest

Christmas Across the Disney Parks in 2021

Merry Christmas everyone! Christmas is celebrated around the world at the Disney parks, with each park putting their own spin on it. Most of us can’t visit all of the Disney parks in person during the season, but thanks to video, we can still enjoy… Read More »Christmas Across the Disney Parks in 2021

Tokyo Disney Resort Places Hold on Expansion Plans

Back in April the Oriental Land Company (OLC) announced several themed developments would be added to the two parks of the Tokyo Disney Resort. Yesterday, the OLC said it is reconsidering some of the projects they had planned. Some projects could be pushed back as… Read More »Tokyo Disney Resort Places Hold on Expansion Plans

Tokyo Disneyland Main Entrance

Balloon Sales Put on Hold at Tokyo Disneyland

Did you know there’s an world shortage of helium? Yeah, me neither. But the cost to import that precious gas to Japan has caused Tokyo Disney Resort to put the sales of the popular souvenirs on hold at the park. I’m so used to seeing… Read More »Balloon Sales Put on Hold at Tokyo Disneyland

Steampunk Tokyo DisneySea

Steampunk posits that had steam powered computing took off in the Victorian era, the world would look a lot different today. Many Disney film have influenced the ethic, most famously Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea movie. So it makes sense that the Nautilus section… Read More »Steampunk Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea – Big Band Beat

We frequently highlighted Disney performer Jarrod Lentz’s tweets from Japan during the days and weeks after the quake that closed Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland. Lentz was one of Disney’s stateside performers who was rehearsing for a show at TDS when the quake struck. A… Read More »Tokyo DisneySea – Big Band Beat

Tokyo Disneyland Resort Posts Unsurprising Decline

To no one’s surprise Oriental Land Company, the operating company for Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, reported a sizable revenue decline for the previous quarter. The after effects of the March 11th earthquake meant a 43% drop in revenue over the same quarter last year.… Read More »Tokyo Disneyland Resort Posts Unsurprising Decline