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The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers

Tigger is in trouble again at Walt Disney World Resort.  He’s been accused of striking a kid. Jerry Monaco of New Hampshire videotapped his son, Jerry Jr., posing with the costumed character at Disney-MGM Studios on Friday and recorded the confrontation, according to a statement from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. You may recall that… Read More »The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers

Ack. Tigger Case Continues… has further details on the Michael Chartrand ‘Tigger’ case and the recent accusations against him. Some more Cast Members have jumped on the bandwagon. The two women claim that Chartrand touched them when he checked their Disney pin lanyards. One woman told detectives that… Read More »Ack. Tigger Case Continues…

Tigger’s Goofy Side (more on Tigger Suspension)

“Goofy is clways playful,” said Kaufman, who himself portrays characters at Disney part time and said he has played Goofy “hundreds of times.” “Of course he was goofing around because he was Goofy!” Kaufman said. … “That’s the joke about this,” Kaufman said. “You’re supposed to fool around, be animated. I knew for Michael it… Read More »Tigger’s Goofy Side (more on Tigger Suspension)

Tigger A Bad Seed?

Alright, I can’t believe this. The cast member who was accused and acquitted of fondling a guest while dressed as Tigger has been suspended from his job for another possible infraction, this time with a fellow cast member. I feel sorry for the guy if this is another false accusation. But in today’s world, once… Read More »Tigger A Bad Seed?

And Equity Contracts for All!

Many Cast Member Union Contracts at Walt Disney World expire this year affecting about half of the work force there. reports on ongoing negotiations between Actor’s Equity, which represents performers in the live productions at the florida resort, and park management. The article reveals a very interesting detail about the park. The pay for… Read More »And Equity Contracts for All!

More Animal Kingdom Pics

MKT has been kind enough to upload some more pictures of the damage Hurricane Charley did to the landscaping at Animal Kingdom. Mind you, this is after two days of cleanup. Also included are some photos of the construction of the next big attraction for Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Mt Everest Expedition (a thrilling roller… Read More »More Animal Kingdom Pics

Tigger Greeted by Guests

In an interview with WESH TV Michael Chartrand talks about his return to work after being acquitted of Molestation charges. Sunday, he had another pleasant experience — he returned to Walt Disney World, where he was greeted by friends, co-workers and park visitors. The article mentions new procedures for the walk around characters as a… Read More »Tigger Greeted by Guests