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Tangled screens early for media

Select members of the media, mainly those with a long lead time for publication, were invited by Disney to see an early print of the 50th Animated Feature to be released by Walt Disney Animation Studios – Tangled. The film was about 60 percent animated… Read More »Tangled screens early for media

Full Tangled Teaser Trailer now online

The full teaser trailer for Disney’s next animated feature, Tangled, is now online at Yahoo. This is the same trailer that will be in front of Toy Story 3 when it his theaters. You can also find it at the recently activated official movie website.… Read More »Full Tangled Teaser Trailer now online

First look at Tangled Animation

It’s only 15 seconds, but it’s 15 seconds of fun. The first real look at animation in “Tangled”. I like what I see, very colorful and nice backgrounds. Character design seems a bit ‘Dreamworks’ circa “The Road to El Dorado” though. My favorite line, “Best.… Read More »First look at Tangled Animation

Disney Changes Title of Next Animated Film

Disney’s next animated film has had it’s name changed… again. Now it will be called ‘Tangled’ instead of ‘Rapunzel’. This is a move to fight off what Disney marketing perceives as a bias against princess films by the lucrative 8-12 year old boy market. Even… Read More »Disney Changes Title of Next Animated Film