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Full Tangled Teaser Trailer now online

The full teaser trailer for Disney’s next animated feature, Tangled, is now online at Yahoo. This is the same trailer that will be in front of Toy Story 3 when it his theaters. You can also find it at the recently activated official movie website. Go watch, I’ll wait.

I”m not sure what to think of it. I’m definitely interested by it, I get the feeling that going to see it would be a good time (as long as all the jokes aren’t in the trailer). But I’m confused as to the story and what these two characters have to do with each other.

Plus, I’m a little concerned by the kung-fu hair. What’s up with that? I’m pretty sure that the hair thing and the bandit character are there for one thing, to attract boys. Disney really hopes Tangled is a story that will attract both boys and girls to the theater. I’m sure it can be done, let’s just hope it’s not at the sacrifice of story. People expect heart in a holiday movie and with Tangled hitting theaters November 24th, that’s what we should expect.

Mandy Moore seems to have a good handle on the Rapunzel character and Zachary Levi is suitably dashing as Flynn Rider. That same goofy white horse that’s in every Disney Princess movie also stars.

What else did you pick up from the trailer?

5 thoughts on “Full Tangled Teaser Trailer now online”

  1. Just watched the trailer with my 4 y.o. daughter and she was enthralled…so that’s probably enough said!

    She’s now asking how long she has to wait until November…

  2. I noticed the horse looks the same too. But I busted a gut. I love the new little lizard sidekick to Rapunzel. The wet willie was the best! HA!

    I really can’t wait to see this. I have been waiting…2 years since I think I saw the first stuff on youtube.

    Oh, and it’s sad, but I kinda think Flynn is adorable. One of the first Disney men that had my heart in a twitter. Well, except Jack Sparrow.

    Anywho. This looks like it’s going to be fun. But like you said, hope all the good stuff isn’t in the trailer.

  3. Very Shrek-ish — it looks more like Dreamworks than Disney. I like Dreamworks, but I think their characters won’t hold up as well over the years, because their humor and mannerisms are too contemporary. I haven’t really been following the progress of Tangled, though I know the story was reworked at some point to make it more boy-friendly. I wonder if the “kung-fu” hair was inspired by a graphic novel that came out in 2008, ‘Rapunzel’s Revenge’ by Shannon Hale.

  4. The animation looks great! You’re right about the horse, though. Is there some sort of stock horse character sitting the Disney archives that the animators bust out every once in a while for inspiration?

  5. I’ll forgive you for deleting my other post this time John. However I bring you another trailer.

    This is the dutch trailer for the film. It has some additional footage and a bit of a different approach with the music. Doesn’t use the Pink song throughout the whole trailer like the American version does.

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