Disney Changes Title of Next Animated Film

Disney’s next animated film has had it’s name changed… again. Now it will be called ‘Tangled’ instead of ‘Rapunzel’. This is a move to fight off what Disney marketing perceives as a bias against princess films by the lucrative 8-12 year old boy market.

Even earlier in its development the film was titled “Rapunzel Unbraided” and featured a more Shrek like spoof feeling. That went by the wayside when John Lasseter took over animation after the Pixar/Disney merger. It’s no longer an irreverent look at fairytales, like Shrek, but it is a departure from the story we know and love. The latest change makes it known that this isn’t a traditional re-telling of Rapunzel.

Tangled’s producer Roy Conli made a comment on Facebook that reveals more of the film’s story.

“It’s a really fresh, smart take on the Rapunzel story. In our film, the infamous bandit Flynn Rider meets his match in the girl with the 70 feet of magical golden hair. We’re having a lot of fun pairing Flynn, who’s seen it all, with Rapunzel, who’s been locked away in a tower for 18 years.”

Tangled hits theaters this November.

8 thoughts on “Disney Changes Title of Next Animated Film”

  1. I smell flop sweat. This is desperation talking . They have lost their way and are desperately flailing around trying to make films by marketing test rules , not from the heart .

    Anyone remember when “Young Sherlock Holmes” did not do well at the box-office and a decree went out from Eisner Augustus that all the world did not like Sherlock Holmes movies , therefore the delightfully titled “Basil of Baker Street” was retitled to the bland “The Great Mouse Detective” ?

  2. dude im like a 12 year old dude and i like totally think this is totally sweet and rad and like dude going to see a movie called rapunzel oh man that’s totally lame and stuff i mean i am a dude who is like 12 years old and like i mean why should i be interested in going to see a movie with princesses in it i mean like girls are so icky i mean it’s not like i’ll be totally into girls in 2 years or anything lol girls are stupid but i mean now that this movie is called tangled it’s like so much cooler i think it will be even cooler than like star trek which is a totally cool movie i had never heard of star trek until this past summer and then star trek was totally cool the only part i didn’t like was when the guy with the funny haircut had to kiss that girl because girls are icky but its ok because the rest of the movie was AACTION PACKED and really cool so i bet this movie will be AACTION PACKED and really cool too because its called tangled and that means its gonna have like totally sweet action in it see the sinopsis says that its about a serious hero dude who like fights stuff so it will be a totally cool movie and i will totally see it because i mean who wants to see a movie called rapunzel i wanna see action packed tangled the only thing that worries me is that they say there’s a girl in it and i hope the dude doesn’t like have to kiss her or anything because thats like totally gross right i hope she is in the tower for most of the movie so me and all my bros can go to the theater and drink red bull and eat milk duds and watch this hero dude with a kick butt named like “flynn rider” be all hero and kill bad dudes and kick some butt because i am a 12 year old boy and girls are icky and i like kick butt action because i am a 12 year old boy

  3. oh man this looks sweeeeet now i am totally gonna go see this!!!! tangled is a kick butt name dude!!! girls are freakin gross i wanna go see an animated movie about adevnture and butt kicking!!! and this is gonna deliver baby woooo!!! all me and my home dawgs are gonna see this because it doesn’t have a lame girly name like “rapunzel”!!! the name “tangled” definitely screams “dude u gotta see this it’s all about being an awesome kick butt hero” to me so me and my bros gonna go see this after we hit the skate park yo

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  5. really not liking this new title; I hope you guys change it back to Rapunzel or come up with something better like Rapunzel and the bandit.

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