Disney Magic Delayed by High Winds

CFNews 13 reports that high wind speeds, over 50 MPH in some cases, have caused the Disney Magic to remain berthed in the Bahamas overnight instead of sailing back to Port Canaveral to off-load and resupply this morning. The news came out when supply trucks were turned away from the gate and told to return tonight.

The Disney Magic is facing strong headwinds for its return to port today and likely won’t make it in until 7pm or so. This could create a backup for passengers on the Disney Wonder too. Anybody out there with cruise experience explain what happens to the passengers who were supposed to board the Magic today? Is there cruise shortened?

7 thoughts on “Disney Magic Delayed by High Winds”

  1. Yes, the following cruise will be shortened, and the passengers will be compensated in some way. If they don’t shorten the next cruise, it’s a domino effect to the cruise after that, so they have to risk one shipload of unhappy guests at a shorter cruise rather than disrupt the long-term schedule. It happens during hurricane season, too.

    Extended inability to access Port Canaveral usually means that the Magic and/or Wonder end up in Port Everglades, but I would think that the expense of that contingency plan would be more expensive than whatever compensation they intend to give the Magic and Wonder passengers.

  2. They’re giving Magic passengers access to Epcot and food voucher for the day. I’ve never had a delay happen on a ship before, this really is disappointing.

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