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A Disney Princess Battle on Tee Fury Today

Artist Karen Hallion, whose Steampunk Disney Princesses we profiled in 2011, obviously loves Disney. But did you know, she is also a Doctor Who fan. Her illustrations that mashup Disney and Doctor Who are some of my favorites. Today only on Tee Fury, you can… Read More »A Disney Princess Battle on Tee Fury Today

T-Shirt Trouble, Sort of

Followers of this blog know that I keep an eye out for any new t-shirts Disney sells at the parks. They’ve actually been pretty good about releasing humorous or trendy graphics on a regular basis. Summer has always been a slow time for new releases, but like a charm, on my first post summer visited I spotted these three new t-shirts.

The first appears to be an import from Disneyland with an unfortunate message. The whole thing of ‘it’s a small world’ is the possibility of world peace, and yet, Disney’s t-shirt team wants you to conquer the ride. That’s a bit to war-monger-y for me. A better word would be ‘survived.’


This next shirt would look a lot better if the earful tower was there instead of that awful hat.Read More »T-Shirt Trouble, Sort of

New T-shirts and More Arrive at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Of the four major theme parks at Walt Disney World, Disney’s Animal Kingdom usually has the most stable product assortment. The same T-shirts (“Is that you Tigger?” and cuddly stuff animals sell over and over again. That’s not to say there isn’t great merchandise there is. Most of it can be found in Harambe Village’s Mombasa Marketplace.

So here are a few of the new (to me at least) T-sheets that I think will be flying off the shelf. This one you wouldn’t know was a Disney T-Shirt if you didn’t know where you bought it. But that’s ok. You know and that’s all that matters.


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Magic Kingdom Merchandise Update

I was able to sneak out to the Magic Kingdom for a few hours on Friday and will have some construction updates from around the park later this week. But first, I wanted to share a merchandise finds that caught my eye.

Merchandise of the Week: Fab New T-Shirts

I try to keep an eye on new merchandise as it comes and goes at Walt Disney World resort. Unfortunately, there’s no clearing house for everything that gets updated. I’m not sure if these three t-shirts are brand spanking new, but they’re definitely new to me.


I like how it captures the personality of Mickey Mouse as the leader of the parade.

The rest of the set is below the jump:

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