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No Ordinary Family 1-3: No Ordinary Ring

And we’re back with another fun episode with the Powell family. This one didn’t seem quite as eventful as the first two, but it allowed us time to better develop the characters. Heck, I loved it.

We start with the entire family at a wedding. But the wedding it attacked by robbers there to steal the jewelry. Read More »No Ordinary Family 1-3: No Ordinary Ring

No Ordinary Family Episode 1-2: No Ordinary Marriage

We are back for a second week of No Ordinary Family. And if the ratings continue like they did last week, I think we’ll be in for a nice, long ride. Let’s see what is happening with the Powell Family, shall we? (And there will be some spoilers ahead for tonight’s episode. Only read on if you’ve seen the episode or don’t care about being spoiled.)

Let’s do the run down by characters.Read More »No Ordinary Family Episode 1-2: No Ordinary Marriage

No Ordinary Family – Episode 1 Recap

Ed Note: Please welcome back Mark Baker who will be recapping No Ordinary Family on ABC the season (or as long as it lasts)…. When the new falls shows were being announced, the first one that caught my attention was ABC’s No Ordinary Family. While… Read More »No Ordinary Family – Episode 1 Recap

Princess Superheroes

Brodie is a illustrator, comedy writer, and Disney fan. He runs the excellent tribute site Brodie has decided to take on Disney’s Princess divas and re-imagine them as superheroes drawing inspiration from super-fashions of around the same time their animated movies came out. The… Read More »Princess Superheroes

Marvel Acquisition Official

Disney fans, pull on your Spidey Underoos. The following release from Marvel announced that the deal for the Walt Disney Company to purchase Marvel Entertainment is now complete. Deal expected to strengthen Disney’s position as a leading global provider of high-quality branded entertainment and build… Read More »Marvel Acquisition Official