There’s not a lot of magic in level concrete. Considering that the parking lot often serves as the launching point to the theme parks, it is only grudgingly that we accept it as such. It also serves as a stark reminder of reality. Guests visiting Disney’s conservation-themed Animal Kingdom, for instance, first wade through acres
I've been searching for a good charity that's helping Hurricane Katrina survivors and also accepts Paypal donations. Convoy of Hope is just such an organization. It's Four-Star rated by CharityNagivator and has a history of helping disaster survivors, including last year's Tsunami.  If you're heading to a theme park this month please consider packing lunch
I just got word from Pixar's Press and Publicity Department with details on the upcoming Memorials for Joe Ranft and the donation fund they are establishing in his honor. "Joe Ranft's private Memorial Services, for close friends and family, will be held Sunday, August 21, 2005, in Mill Valley, California. "A 'Friends and Colleagues' Memorial
Roy Disney, you just gave up the good fight against the un-Disney ways of the companies Board of Directors, CEO, and President. What are you going to do next? How about launch a race of billionaire's yachts from California to Hawaii. Disney's Yacht, Pyewacket, is a favorite to win in the race that starts Sunday.
When Disney decided to sell/license its Disney Store properties one of the questions was what would happen to the flagship stores. Well 5th Avenue convered to a 'World of Disney' property. But there was a lessor known store on Hollywood Blvd right next to the El Capitan (the host of many Disney movie premieres). The
Jeff at sustainablog has mixed feelings about the emphasis on green technology in the season finale of ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. On the one hand it's great that the Piestewa Family will enjoy huge savings on their energy bills, on the other, Jeff says, it's sad that this isn't done as par for the
Although the parks in Orlando have long been a cash cow for the company -- $4 billion would represent 13 percent of the total company's revenue in fiscal 2004 -- the division's operating profit margin has been flat or falling for years. That means costs have been rising faster than the revenue coming in from