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Jay Rasulo Talks Up Disney’s Fiscal Future

Financially, this last quarter may have been a bit rougher than The Walt Disney Company forecasted, but things are alright now. At least according to CFO Jay Rasulo. One of the things new studio boss Alan Horn has been doing is reviewing all existing film… Read More »Jay Rasulo Talks Up Disney’s Fiscal Future

Who Will Replace Jobs on Disney Board?

It’s a question that regrettably must be asked.

For five years prior to his death, Steve Jobs served as Pixar’s voice on the Walt Disney Company board of directors and provided valuable insight (must read) in other areas as well. Who succeeds him will have significant implications for both Disney and Pixar.

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Analysts Mixed on Disney’s Potential

Yesterday we saw mixed messages from stock analysts on the earnings potential of the Walt Disney Company of the rest of the year. One analyst is eating a bit of crow after predicting that Pixar’s UP would tank. He graciously admitted his bad in the… Read More »Analysts Mixed on Disney’s Potential