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New Fantasyland Dress Rehearsal Photos

Yesterday the Magic Kingdom… …major sections of the New Fantastyland expansion opened for a dress rehearsal. Technically, they could close it again at any time before the official opening in December, however the history is once a section opens they don’t close it again except… Read More »New Fantasyland Dress Rehearsal Photos

Magic Kingdom Photo Update – Part 1

It’s been a few weeks since our last update and the construction at the Magic Kingdom has been moving at a quick pace. First, a little of the latest news:

  • Guests have actually been invited to some limited soft testing of “Enchanted Tales with Belle,”
  • the Fantasyland construction walls will be shifting this week changing traffic patterns significantly,
  • we’re hearing that the Brave Wee Lads (aka the 3 bears) will soon be leaving the Merida meet and greet. They were cute, but like their counterparts in the movie, didn’t say much and pretty much were window dressing.

Okay, let’s get on with the first part of our tour. It’s in two parts this week since we have a lot of photos to share:

The walls that separate old Fantasyland from new are nearing completion. There’s still some detail work to be done, but already there are some incredible elements leaking through. We love these ‘Coat of Arms’ that highlight classic Disney fairytales, including some that will have attractions behind the wall.

Magic Kingdom New Fantasyland

Magic Kingdom New Fantasyland Update

Read More »Magic Kingdom Photo Update – Part 1

American Idol Experience enters Soft Opening phase

Just had confirmation that Disney’s American Idol Experience at Hollywood Studios has begun its “Test and Adjust” phase, a.k.a. soft openings, today. A soft opening means the attraction is likely, but not guaranteed, to be open to regular Guests. It could close on a moments… Read More »American Idol Experience enters Soft Opening phase