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Killer Whale Trainers at SeaWorld Examined

Reports and interviews created during an investigation of SeaWorld’s Orca Training program by the federal department OSHA provides what might be the most in depth look at what dangers trainers face yet. The Orlando Sentinel has some of the details, but summarized it says that… Read More »Killer Whale Trainers at SeaWorld Examined

SeaWorld and Universal Studios to be owned by Same Company?

Reports are growing that The Blackstone Group has put the final touches on its acquisition of Busch Entertainment Company (BEC), the division of AB-Bev that owns SeaWorld and Busch Gardens theme parks. The Blackstone Group already owns about half of the Universal Orlando resort and… Read More »SeaWorld and Universal Studios to be owned by Same Company?

Check Out that Lucky Girl?

Who says that dreams don’t come true? Brooke Shields took a break from her busy schedule to get up close and personal with SeaWorld’s biggest star, Shamu. Shields was on vacation with her husband and two young daughters. The family took a VIP tour of SeaWorld which included… Read More »Check Out that Lucky Girl?

Manta at Seaworld Orlando, First Onride Video

Here’s your first look at an on-ride video from the front row point of view of the new Manta roller coaster at SeaWorld Orlando. Alas, it’s not the whole experience, but it’s exciting. If you can’t wait til May 22nd for the official first day… Read More »Manta at Seaworld Orlando, First Onride Video

Sustainable Salmon Feeds Shamu at SeaWorld

Animal trainer Amber Cavett offers a piece of sustainable salmon for Shamu at SeaWorld Orlando.

Ever wonder where all that seafood consumed by SeaWorld’s guests and its wettest performers came from? Certainly not from the aquarium tanks. Although the Shark Encounter certainly looks to hold the capacity.

SeaWorld took a careful look at their sources for seafood and decided they could do more to be in line with their conservation mission. That’s why soon all of the seafood served to guests — and even the salmon fed to Shamu — will be purchased from sustainably-managed fisheries that promote environmentally responsible stewardship. This change affects more than 220,000 pounds of seafood and is on track for completion by early 2009.

Busch Entertainment Company, SeaWorld’s parent company, is working with the Marine Stewardship Council and Aquaculture Certification Council in sourcing sustainable seafood options. Both are international, non-profit organizations that promote environmentally responsible fishing, fish farms, processing and food safety.

In partnering with the Rainforest Alliance, the parks also serve coffee and chocolate purchased from growers who meet demanding social and environmental standards. This global certification program ensures food is farmed and harvested in ways that protect wildlife, habitats and people.

Click below the cut for some other examples of how BEC is working to maintain its dedication to the environment.

Read More »Sustainable Salmon Feeds Shamu at SeaWorld

SeaWorld Orlando to test Front of Line Pass for Pay

Starting tomorrow and running through September 1st, SeaWorld Orlando will be introducing a new service called “Quick Queue.” Park visitors who pay an extra $29.95, plus tax, will receive a pass that will allow them to move to the front of the line for SeaWorld’s… Read More »SeaWorld Orlando to test Front of Line Pass for Pay