Manta at Seaworld Orlando, First Onride Video

Here’s your first look at an on-ride video from the front row point of view of the new Manta roller coaster at SeaWorld Orlando. Alas, it’s not the whole experience, but it’s exciting.

If you can’t wait til May 22nd for the official first day of operations, there’s a rumor it will open for limited hours beginning May 5th. Happy Cinco De Mayo. I’ll keep you posted here or on twitter (@thedisneyblog)

1 thought on “Manta at Seaworld Orlando, First Onride Video”

  1. I was lucky enough to ride ‘Manta’ twice last week and I can tell you it was great. A very different experience compared with its UK equivalent, ‘Air’ at Alton Towers, and Oh so much better. You can feel some G’s especially when turning upside down into a second loop.
    The video is short as the author explains so does not do this ride justices so get over there and try it out if you can. Oh and you may get a little wet depending where you sit.

    Sea world now has the best two rollercoaster’s in Florida in my opinion and yes I have tried them all.

    Can’t wait until I return in September to ride again and try out the new coaster at Universal as that looks awesome!

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