Secretariat Actually Doing Well at Box Office

“Well what do you know, that horse has got legs.” I guarantee you that someone at the Walt Disney Studios said that this week. Secretariat, which opened to less than stellar box office numbers has managed to actually pull in some decent show money by… Read More »Secretariat Actually Doing Well at Box Office

Secretariat: A Second Opinion

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to expect going into Secretariat. Disney seems to be marketing this film as though it’s The Blind Side (But with a Horse), and as though it’s absolutely nothing like The Other Very Successful Racehorse Movie that Starts with… Read More »Secretariat: A Second Opinion

Secretariat | My review

I’ve just returned from a late-Thursday screening of Secretariat (opens today) and I am pumped! The story of the Triple Crown-winning “Big Red” —and, more pointedly, the people who believed in him— makes for one of the most invigorating movie of 2010 so far. In a… Read More »Secretariat | My review

Secretariat – Disney’s Next Sleeper Hit?

Every other year or so Disney can be relied on to come up with one of those feel good movies based on a true story. This year’s entry is “Secretariat” and there’s a good chance it’s this year’s sleeper hit. Opening October 8th, “Secretariat” chronicles… Read More »Secretariat – Disney’s Next Sleeper Hit?