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Season Finale

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – episode 22 preview: The Beginning of the End


It has been an interesting road we’ve gone down this season, full of twists, turns, stops, starts and lots of cameos.

Last week, we got to look back at Ward’s beginnings with SHIELD (and Hydra) as well as where the Deathlok project started. (I would love to hear your theories about what happened to Buddy. Between my friends and I, we have three different ideas).

Using old spy gear from the Howling Commandos was probably my favorite part of the episode and I’m glad that they’re using it again this week.

In this week’s season finale more secrets will be revealed as Coulson and his team (what’s left of it) go on the offensive to put an end to Garrett and Ward’s plans (hopefully rescuing Fitz-Simmons in the process).

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Revenge: The Season Finale (Reckoning)

I think I’ve mentioned this before but my husband measures how much I enjoyed an episode of Revenge by the amount of yelling I do from the other room. Not surprising, I let out quite a few shrieks and non-publishable phrases during this week’s season finale.

So I decided to divide this episode into moments that provided the biggest “whoa” factor for me.

1. Emily and Daniel broke off their engagement. That’s right, she gave the ring back. In the middle of the season I was pretty sure Emily was surprised that she actually had feelings for a Grayson. But then he was accused of murder, got the crap beat out of him in jail, found out about his dad’s secret doings and decided he needs to carry on the Grayson name. Daniel certainly changed his tune over a season from wanting nothing to do with his family to becoming the epitome of a Grayson. It makes me hate him. (I’m still holding out hope that he’s concocting his own revenge plan.) When Ashley lets it slip that something happened between Jack and Emily, Emily doesn’t even try to cover it up when Daniel asks her about it. She tells him he’s changed, they both have, and she hands back the ring.

Victoria’s reaction: “I knew your future with Daniel was as empty as that box. Best of luck with your new endeavor.”

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The River: Season 1, Episode 8 – Row, Row, Row Your Boat

We open with a sweet look back to 1988, where Lincoln sings Lena to sleep aboard the Magus. Life is but a dream.

Except on the present-day Magus, life’s sort of confusing. Looking for answers, the crew confronts Cole, who’s not talking about The Source. He mostly seems focused on rekindling relations with his wife and son.

And then, out of nowhere, Lincoln is dead. Shot. Conveniently, the power was out while Emilio fixed the generator, so on a boat that’s completely covered with cameras, there’s no footage of the murder.

For a second, it looks like an episode of Clue at sea. Was it Kurt in the galley with the long-range rifle? He says no and turns over his weapons. But I’m enchanted by the prospect—was it Jonas at the helm with a handgun? Lena from the port bow with a tactical assault rifle?

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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition To End As Regular Series

It’s always a chicken and the egg question when a TV series gets moved to Friday night. Did the network place it there because that is the slot its numbers justified, or did the low numbers come from being exiled to the Siberia of TV, the Friday night slot. Suffice it to say that when ABC moved “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” to Friday night the writing was on the wall that this would be its last season. Now Disney has made it official with the series finale airing on January 13, 2012.

The show that has impacted thousands of lives is going out with one of its largest projects ever, rebuilding seven homes in tornado-ravaged Joplin, Missouri. This won’t be the last we see of “EM:HE”, the crew will return from time to time with special episodes. Four are planned for the future.

I will miss the show, but have to admit that I haven’t watched the last few seasons. Something about the show became too formulaic and an emotional disconnect developed. Even the recent ‘Celebrity of the Week’ addition couldn’t build any excitement. We’ll see if the replacement show “The Secret Millionaire” can fill the void.

The full press release is below the jump:

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