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Recap: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD season 3 finale


It’s the finale of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD third season. We’re told by ABC’s marketing efforts to be apprehensive about the events ahead. They imply that one of the agents will fall tonight, but who will it be? Let’s dive in to this two-park finale and hopefully no one ends up with a heavy heart.

The first episode tonight starts with the team trying to stop Hive from launching his missile that will turn a large portion of the population into his swayed Inhumans. They are using intel from Daisy who they are still keeping on lockdown. With General Talbot’s help and some funny green screen trickery, they are able to stop the missile.

Unfortunately, Hive now knows SHIELD is in the building and he is not happy. He goes in search of the team while Mack and Elena put together device that will slow Hive down.

Meanwhile Coulson and Daisy have a heart to heart. Daisy is feeling extremely guilty for what she did under Hive’s influence and never wants to be let out of prison again. She’s determined to feel that guilt forever and Coulson is determined to help her let it go.

Back at the missile silo, the device has fried Hive’s brain and he’s getting all of his personalities jumbled (just when you thought Grant Ward couldn’t get more unstable). May fights the Watchdog Inhumans and rescues the scientist. As the team is escaping? Hive runs out but the team is able to capture him. Unfortunately, Giyera has escaped with the warhead.

The team regroups at the Playground and decide the the Inhumans will come for Hive so they prepare to lockdown the base. Mack is finally able to get through to Daisy having, what I think, is one of the best character moments in the show.

Fitz catches Simmons planning a getaway for the two of them for after they get the warhead before heading out to the hanger. As he leaves he finds and picks up Elena’s cross necklace and puts it in his pocket (remember, according to Daisy’s vision, whoever has the necklace at the end is going to die).


In the hanger, Fitz realizes that a trap has been set right before it springs. Terrigen mist begins filling the hanger, turning a number of agents into Inhumans. Fitz escapes but the Inhumans free Hive.

Daisy watches from her prison and decides to break out. She confronts Hive but instead of fighting him, she begs for him to take her back. Hive tries but whatever Lash did to free her has now made her impervious to his influence. In a fit of rage, Daisy lets her quake powers loose.

The second episode picks right up with a fight between Daisy and Hive while the rest of the team tries to escape from the primitive Inhumans. In the process, Elena takes a bullet for Mack and Hive kidnaps Daisy before escaping in the Zepher, which has the ability to get high enough for Hive to drop the warhead.

Fortunately, May and Fitz snuck onto the plane and attempt to reclaim it and rescue Daisy. But Giyera is able to knock May out and point a gun at Fitz.

Back at the base, they are able to stabilize Elena and Simmons figures out that by turning up the heat, the primitives are no longer able to see.

On the Zepher, Fitz uses an invisible gun to take out Giyera (yes, I said “invisible gun”). The agents are safe for now but as the plane rides higher the air gets colder. Fitz give Daisy his jacket, which still has the necklace inside.

Coulson and the team use a Quinjet to get to the Zepher and are able to regain at least some control. Coulson has planned to put the warhead on the Quinjet and send it into space so that when it explodes, it will be harmless. Daisy has figured out his plan and knows that she will be the one on the Quinjet because she’s found the necklace in her pocket.

As she goes to load the missile, a group of primitives attack the rest of the team while Hive goes after Daisy. They have one final confrontation before Lincoln surprises them, knocking Daisy off the plane and trapping himself and Hive on it. The plane shoots into space while Daisy and Lincoln have a radio conversation reminiscent of Captain America’s and Peggy’s in his first movie. The team is left helpless while they watch the Quinjet explode killing both of its occupants but saving the rest of the world.

The episode picks up six months later with Daisy having gone rogue and Coulson and Mack on her trail. The implication is that Coulson is no longer the director of SHIELD.

The final scene is of Dr. Radcliffe, the scientist who was working for Hive, celebrating not only the fact the his court hearings are over but also that he is about to launch his latest project which is actually an old SHIELD project: the Life Model Decoy or LMD.

I thought this was a great season, what did you think?